Which Type of Paint Work is Best for Walls?

House paint is not something anyone needs any kind of introduction with. If you are a house owner, then painting your house is something that you will become familiar with sooner or later. But when you are planning the next paint job, the
question you need to answer is which paint is the best for you. This might seem like a simple enough question, but sadly that is not the case. Before connecting with a painting contractor, you need to look at the pros and
cons of what is available to you. Only by doing this can you make a sound and informed decision.

Different Types Of Paint For Home With Their Pros And Cons

1. Acrylic Emulsion Paint

It is water-based paint and is usually the default choice for many that are looking for paint work in Jaipur for their homes.

  • It is quick drying and has a very low content of volatile organic compounds in the mix.
  • One can easily find several finishes with Acrylic emulsion paint.
  • It is durable and long-lasting when appropriately applied.

  • You would need to apply primer before using this paint.
  • The glossy finishes of this paint only provide suboptimal results.

2. Enamel Paint

Enamel is also recommended for residential painting services.

  • A highly durable paint, which is also easy to apply.
  • Enamel Paint is glossy, which results in a rich finish to the walls of the home.
  • It is ideal for use in areas that have high moisture and humidity.

  • Its flexibility, or the lack of it, does turn people off.
  • The dry period of enamel is significantly longer.
  • You need to use solvents such as turpentine to clean the paint brushes.

3. Distemper

Distemper, or Cement paint as it is commonly referred to, is made with chalk, lime, water, and coloring agents. In some circles, this paint type is also known as a whitewash.

  • It can be easily applied directly on the plastered surface and does not need any primer coating done on the surface
  • A durable solution that would not crack under constant exposure to sunlight
  • An economical option suitable for both indoor and outdoor project

  • Not fully washable
  • The paint can come off when it is wet

4. Texture paint

A Water-based paint that creates special effects through sponging, stippling, brushing, and more.

  • The finishing of texture paint is gorgeous and quickly makes one’s space stand out
  • The paint is also thicker than other conventional paints
  • It can be used to cover minor defects on the wall

  • It is an expensive choice.
  • One would be hard-pressed to repair any damage to the paint, as finding the same color would be difficult.
  • It can only be applied by experts.


There are some of the top choices for house paints that one can go for. But even more importantly, you would need a trustworthy house painting contractor to assist you. This is where Naksha Construction comes in handy.